Inexpensive Formula For Good Custom Logo Design



recognizable inexpensive logo design formula

In today’s market many design companies say “we are the best”. But true is there are a lot of them who just want your money.

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Interview with Anabela (Ana) Smith – Student of Graphic Design and Communications


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Hello Ana, Please introduce yourself to our audience

Hi, I’m Anabela Smith, friends call me Ana. I’m professional but inexpensive logo designer at one small logo design studio. It’s actually a start-up studio BringLogoDesign for graphic communications and branding run by friends of mine.

logo designer

Inexpensive but custom logo design – this sounds perfect what’s the catch?

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Few Free Web Mail Providers With Clean & Simple UI Design


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As a graphic designer, for me is a must to use apps that are simple and well designed. I love clear user interface design, native navigation and responsive layouts. Over the years, I’m user of Gmail, and Yahoo Mail, but there are also other free options out there for web email.

Below I will provide you with a list of free web mail providers that I believe worth a try. They have native interface design, free plans and almost all options as Gmail (or even more).


outlook mail service

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5 Free Data Visualization Tools


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If you are in a process of creating simple charts, complex maps or maybe infographics, I have some great resources to share with you. And they are all free.


Flot is a pure library for line graphs and bar charts. There is a plenty of callback functions so you can run your own code and then style the results.


Flot is a jQuery library, so if you’re already jQuery power user, its probably your best choice. Continue reading